Turn your office into an experience.

The coveTech platform brings your workspace online and transforms the employee experience.

How do you make going to the office an experience that employees actually look forward to?

At cove, we have built 20+ coworking spaces and private offices for organizations, so we know what it takes to run a workspace smoothly and foster a community that brings it to life. We built the coveTech platform to power our workspaces and are now licensing it to Fortune 500 companies. Take a look into our world and get in touch if you want to make yours better.

All the tools to transform your office

Make your office interactive

Our onsite tablets and sensors bring your office online, making every room, seat, and resource interactive and accessible both onsite and off

Put the experience in everyone’s hands

Give employees control over their experience through our mobile apps — a single place for communication, scheduling, and interaction

Empower yourself with all the tools to manage your workplace

A single command center to manage your workspace and make things happen — so you can be the office hero you were meant to be

Make your office interactive

An incredible guest experience

Create the best possible welcome for your clients, guests, and meeting attendees. No more clunky sign-in sheets!

check-in tablets for clients, guests, meetings, and events
guest arrival notifications via SMS, Slack, and push notifications

Bring each room online

Never have to worry about what room is available and when. Book from your phone, desktop, or right on the spot.

reserve on the go or on the spot
integrate with room calendars in Google and Office

Put the office experience in everyone's hands

An app of your own to tie the office and its community together

A single touchpoint between your staff and the office — reservations, team coordination, events, support, all in one place.

one place to interact with the office, controlled by you
desk and room reservations
share updates with your team
report issues to your office manager

Cultivate your team's culture

Create and promote social events, coffee and lunch groups, and bring people together in the way you want.

create community events for staff
turn on weekly coffee and lunch groups for auto-grouped, informal meet-ups
integrations with Slack and email to promote events

Empower yourself with tools to manage your workplace

Web dashboards that empower your managers

Finally, a single command center to manage the office. Your dashboard empowers you to run your workspace effectively and engage with the people who use it.

Send important announcements and reminders to staff via push notifications, SMS, and Slack
Promote happenings in the office by publishing to onsite displays
Integrate with staff directories to automatically onboard and exit employees

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