Reopening your office building safely with cove

Empower your building and its tenants with a platform for returning to work, as safely and productively as possible.

Occupancy Tracking and Desk Reservations to help tenants make the most of their space and manage capacity limits
Health Checks and Contact Tracing to follow CDC guidelines and keep everyone as safe as possible
Elevator Virtual Queues to reduce bottlenecks and streamline every tenant's day
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Your Reopening App

Our software platform empowers companies to work effectively in our new normal, while unlocking the future of work for years to come. We do this by putting the workday in each tenant's hands — an app for everything from booking available desks to unlocking doors and ordering lunch. In the short term, everything needed to safely return to the office. In the long run, the tools in place to enhance the tenant experience and deliver a truly differentiated product.

Real-time occupancy tracking, supporting capacity limits and automatic contact tracing
Health checks to screen for symptoms and COVID contact before accessing the office
Flexible floorplanning and scheduling tools, to ensure entrances and elevators are not overloaded during peak periods
Mobile Unlock to dynamically control workspace access based on health screenings and team schedules
Powerful communication tools for reaching every single tenant, important for contact tracing and announcing temporary closures

Your Reopening Plan

A cove Dedicated Experience Manager begins with each tenant by creating a Reopening Plan for their organization. We spend time with them, one-on-one, to understand what makes each company unique and how their teams work, using employee surveys to take the pulse of their teams. With this data, we create a reopening plan — both at the building level and for each tenant:

Office layout changes, from desks to meeting rooms to shared amenity spaces, to ensure safe physical distancing
Supporting employee commutes with off-peak shifts and alternative transportation
Need-based and tenant-specific scheduling, staggering shifts to maintain social distancing
Cleaning and sanitization schedules, easily tracked and shared with tenants
Phasing and Response Plans through the pandemic, so you are prepared for anything
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Culture-Building Services

Many benefits and services that buildings typically provide their tenants may not be available with new restrictions. With limitations around where tenants can go, especially for lunch, we provide a way to bring everything to the tenant’s door:

Contactless Delivery Points throughout the building to deliver cove services
Personally packaged, catered lunches for tenants and third-party ordering, delivered to their suites
Snacks, coffee, office supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE) delivered to their suites
Building-wide Virtual Events, planned with cove Experience Manager, like Happy Hours, Game Nights, Meditation Sessions, and more

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