For real estate owners

Are you a real estate owner seeking an answer to the coworking boom? Have office space sitting empty? You bring the real estate, we bring the coworking expertise, so you can drive up occupancy, tenant happiness, and NOI.

Meet coveHQ

We design, build and operate offices for organizations,
so they can focus on their mission.

coveHQ: for companies big and small

Looking at finding new space for your organization? Look no further. Drop the real estate search, the architect, and the headache of operating your own workspace. We build you a workspace that works for you and take care of the rest, so you can do what you do best.

Built For You

Custom designed, branded, and built for your organization

Full Service

Fiber internet, WiFi, printing, fully-equipped conference rooms, coffee, snacks, community management, and more

Simple and Flexible

Single monthly fee with flexible term length

Designed around you

Your new HQ is designed around the way your team works. Need more space for private calls? Want to switch from dedicated offices to open plan seating? We’ve got you covered.

It’s also branded for you — colors, logos, and branded walls. Because you deserve a space that is really yours.

Work from anywhere

Along with your own HQ, you also get access to cove’s network of neighborhood workspaces and meeting spaces, so your team is supported no matter where they are.

Access to neighborhood workspaces across DC and Boston

Reservable event spaces and conferencing facilities

More than an office

Your new productive home is more than an office. It's a community with your culture, your identity. Our community managers will curate events, lunches, anything you want — specifically for your organization.

Productive homes, built by cove

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