Frequently asked questions

cove basics

What is cove?

When you need a change of scenery while working, come to cove. Cove provides a network of workspaces to get things done, alongside others doing just the same. We have everything you need: unlimited coffee, fast wifi, color printers, call booths, and reservable meeting space. Work whenever, wherever, and however you choose.

Are you a coworking space?

Our mission is to build your neighborhood workspace, a place that you can call your productive home. A cove membership gives you access to all of our locations, which means you can find a place to get things done wherever you are. Lonely while working from home? Head to the location in your neighborhood. Feeling stuck at the office? Pop over to cove to get motivated. No seats at the coffee shop? Open the app to locate the nearest cove workspace to you.

Which membership plan is right for me?

We have lots of flexible membership options for different productive styles. Our All Access membership is the right plan for most people. It gives you access to all cove locations across DC and Boston whenever we're open (typically 8am-midnight). As a cove member, note that you have access to our private call boxes, which are soundproofed, single-person rooms that are great for phone or video calls. On All Access, work whenever and wherever you want.

If you plan to use conference rooms regularly, or if you want mail service or a dedicated locker built into your membership, you can purchase these extras when you check out!

If you are using cove for a side project or for studying on nights and weekends, then check out our Nights and Weekends membership option, which is heavily discounted from our All Access membership. Finally, if you only need to use cove once in awhile, day passes and meeting space is available on an ad hoc basis.

I'm looking for dedicated space or memberships for my team. Are there group memberships?

Yes! We do have dedicated space available at some of our locations, and we tailor memberships to your group's needs, bundling in conference room time as you need it. Please email for more information.

What perks and benefits does my membership include?
  • Access to all cove workspaces
  • Clean, welcoming workstations and a variety of seating options
  • Fast, reliable, free wifi
  • Access to private call boxes
  • Unlimited color printing/scanning/copying
  • Free specialty coffee and other beverages (tea, sparkling water, soda, juice)
  • Reservable conference rooms, day passes, and guest passes at discounted rates
Can I try it before I buy it?

Absolutely. Everyone gets a free trial, which serves as a free first visit to any location. Sign up for yours at, and come on into your location of choice today. No reservation needed.

Please note some locations have members-only hours in the evenings and on weekends. To use your free visit during those times, please contact

Do I have to be a member, or can I just drop in?

Non-members may purchase a day pass for $30, which gives you access to cove’s network of workspaces for an entire day. You may also reserve conference rooms by creating an account and reserving the room that fits your needs. While onsite, you have access to all of cove’s amenities, including free wifi, printing and scanning, and free coffee.

So you have an app. Should I download it?

Definitely. Cove’s app lets you tap into our network of workspaces and community wherever you are, whenever you want. Discover how busy your nearest cove location is at a glance. Reserve meeting space on the go. Browse and connect with members who are onsite. Share your interests and skills and RSVP to community events. And easily pull up your QR code to scan in at any location. here to get the iPhone app, and click here to get the Android app.

Why do I need to scan in and out?

Your personal QR code should be scanned on the tablet every time you enter and leave a space. This allows us to track how many people are onsite so you can check the app to see how many seats are available. It also allows your profile to show up on the location’s page for other members to connect with you (unless you want to remain private, of course). If it’s your first time to cove, the onsite host will be happy to assist you.

How do I know I’ll have a seat when I arrive?

The app and website automatically update as members scan in and out of each location. Be sure to check how many desks are available before heading to your location of choice. Keep in mind cove is a very dynamic place—people are coming and going regularly, so seats are always opening up. There’s bound to be a seat when you need one!

conference rooms

Are conference rooms included in a monthly membership?

Conference rooms are an additional, but affordable, cost to cove’s membership. For members, small rooms (4 seats or fewer) are $15 per hour, and large rooms (5 seats or more) are $25 per hour. If you plan to use conference rooms regularly, add on the premium bundle for only $50 more per month and get 4-6 hours of conference room time included.

What is included in each conference room?

Monitors, an HDMI cord (with a Mac adapter), and a whiteboard. Additional chairs and tables can be brought in, space permitting. Guests are welcome, and everyone in the room has access to wifi, beverages, printing, and other amenities.

Can I change or cancel a reservation?

Yes. Simply log in to your account on the app or website and modify or cancel your reservation. Keep in mind that you must cancel at least one hour prior; otherwise, you will be charged for the reservation.


What are the phone rules?

The main rule is to be conscientious and respectful of the people around you. Each cove has call boxes for members to pop in and out of as needed. In our social areas, short and quiet calls are OK, but otherwise a call box should be used.

What is a call box?

It’s a single-person, soundproofed phone booth with a chair, table, and wired connection, perfect for taking phone or video calls. We ask that you keep you calls to 60 minutes or less so everyone has the opportunity to take a call when they need to. If you have a long call, we encourage you to book a conference room.

Do you have lockers or somewhere I can leave my stuff?

Yes! We offer dedicated lockers at all locations (except our Capitol Hill and Kendall Square locations) for $30/month for members. You can add a locker when you're checking out!

Do you offer mailing services?

Yes! We offer mail service at all of our locations for $30/month for members. We will receive and securely store your mail, and let you know when it's time to pick it up. You can add mail service when you're checking out!

What’s parking like at cove?

We don’t have dedicated parking for members at any of our locations. Every neighborhood is different, so be sure to check online for street parking rules and parking garages in the vicinity.

Can I bring food?

Yes. Bring us some, too.

Can I bring my dog?

We’d love to meet your dog (and cats!), but unfortunately we have to ask that you leave them at home. Service animals are welcome.

May I bring guests to cove?

Of course! It’s very easy to purchase a guest pass through your account and send it via email to your guest. The email will provide your guest with everything they need to stay the day at cove, including a QR code to scan in upon arrival. If you reserve a conference room, you are welcome to bring guests with you, and they do not need to scan in.


How do I print?

We've got you covered! Head to for instructions.

How do I access a location during members-only hours?

Members and anyone using a day pass, guest pass, or has a conference room reservation may access any location during members-only hours through the app. Simply open the app and tap ‘unlock a door’ to access the door code. Information is available inside if you need assistance while onsite.

Non-members may not access cove’s workspaces during members-only hours, unless they have a conference room reservation or a day pass.


When am I billed?

You are billed each month on the same date you subscribed. For example, if you joined cove on the 14th, you’ll be billed each month on the 14th.

How do I change what plan I am on?

You can change your monthly plan on the app or online through the Plan tab of your cove account. Log in to your account, select your plan of choice, and you’re all set. Upgrading takes effect immediately, and your new plan is prorated; downgrades take effect at your next billing date.

Is there a contract?

All memberships are month-to-month and automatically renew, unless you submit a cancellation request before your next renewal date.

How do I pause or cancel my membership?

You may put your account on hold for up to 2-4 weeks every 6 months, or cancel your membership entirely by reaching out to us at If you cancel your membership, the cancellation goes into effect at the end of your billing cycle, and unfortunately we cannot offer retroactive refunds for processed renewals. You can re-subscribe anytime by paying an initiation fee of $89, which is typically waived for your first subscription.

How do I restart my membership after pausing it?

Welcome back! If we put your account on a temporary hold, your plan will automatically restart for you. If you cancelled your membership, you can restart it by loggging in and re-subscribing. You may need to pay an initiation fee if you cancelled your membership.

Can't find what you're looking for? Send us an email at or give us a call at 202-733-6425 and we'll be happy to help!