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How does your team work?

cove for teams leverages productive, neighborhood workspaces for the modern team. Cutting workspace costs, improving presence, connectedness, and efficiency for your organization.

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At cove, we work with organizations like Deloitte and Search for Common Ground to increase the flexibility and happiness of their distributed teams, as well as cut operating costs. We offer access to our network of workspaces, dedicated hubs for your teams, and fully integrated solutions where we help optimize your existing workspace. Learn more about how cove has helped these organizations move forward.

Case Study

Search for Common Ground's DC team used to work in a traditional 10K sqft. office, with 1 or 2 people to a room. Those rooms were often underutilized, with their 75-person team spending half their time roaming the city and the world, working mostly with staff in far-off places. SFCG came to cove wanting to work better and work smarter.

Today, Searchers are working all over DC, using a custom-built cove solution to get things done: (1) cove's network of workspaces across the city, (2) a dedicated cove hub designed specifically for SFCG, and (3) a smaller HQ workspace that is accessible through cove's platform. The future of work is here. Call us at 202-750-0401 to learn more about what we can do for your team.

Mike Jobbins
Mike Jobbins
Director of Global Affairs
Just moved our HQ program staff to @coveDC and moved up about 30 years in office thinking.

christening Search for Common Ground's aesthetic new DC hub #SummerSFS #CGESummer #cove #vscocam

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Are you a team or organization that is distributed across the city? At cove, we offer group memberships and meeting room access to keep business costs down and productivity up. We've worked with many small businesses, non-profits, and startups to solve their workspace needs.

Teams we've worked with

Veracity Media
Philz Coffee
Maki Shop
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
Up Top Acres
The Petey Greene Program
Mary Tobin
Mary Tobin
COO, Cookin
Cove offers really reasonably priced monthly access plans for such an awesome location, beautiful space, and attentive on-site team. Unlike a regular office, the space allowed us all to work in whatever context fit each of us best. We thrived on that flexibility.

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Convenient locations

We're currently in 6 prime DC neighborhoods, with an eye on expanding to better serve VA and MD. Interested in partnering with us for your workspace? Give us a call at 202-750-0401.

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