A more productive way of life

Three years ago, we started cove with a simple objective: Let’s change your relationship with work. These days, with the benefit of technology, work can be more than just commuting to a central office. Many of us can work remotely now, or on-the-go from almost anywhere. So we set out to support a new lifestyle that lets you to choose where, when, and how you like to work—in an affordable and convenient way.

At cove, we create unique neighborhood workspaces that come to life each day with the buzz of productivity, interaction, and accomplishment. We like it that way—it’s how we know we’ve succeeded. Simply put, we’re here to enable a more productive way of life.

Just another coworking space?

Hardly. Cove locations are unique shared workspaces where modern professionals can work productively—right in their local communities. More than anything, we’re focused on the genuine passion our members feel for their neighbors and neighborhoods. So we’re working to foster community (instead of forcing it) by striving to be good neighbors ourselves—to embrace and be embraced by the neighborhoods we serve, and to facilitate local connections between our members.

We believe in building something bigger than just physical spaces. We want to make those spaces both more productive and more personal. So you can benefit from inclusive, passionate communities, embedded right in your own backyard.